Sunday, July 14, 2013



So I have just spent a week in Indianapolis, Indiana learning, growing, and discovering at the Scentsy Family Reunion!

I absolutely love my business. I don't think that that's a secret to anyone that knows me! But after reunion (the warm fuzzy name we Scentsy sisters have for our annual convention), I always feel rejuvenated and more ready than ever to work my business and share the Scentsy brands with everyone. Honestly, we have something for every person... It's unreal.

Aaaaanyway, I wanted to share my experience at reunion here, and slowly unveil some of the pictures that I took of new product that's coming out in the fall. I'm particularly fond of these guys...

Me and my new friend Barnaby the Owl!
He is so soft and snuggly....
and will clearly be living with me.

and, if you love Whoot - like I do! - you're going to love this little egg that hatched at the reunion!

Whoot and Whoot jr!
Our fine feathered friend looks great as a plug in!
Who doesn't love an owlet? I know I do...

Keep checking back as I reveal more everyday about what I saw and smelled while I was away. There are some incredible new things coming your way, and I can't wait to share with all of you!

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