Thursday, April 26, 2012

new york beauty

First of all, every single morning, as I walk to the train in Brooklyn, I see this:


and I think that it's an elephant.
this too...


EVERY MORNING without fail, I think, "Shit. That's an elephant."
I guess somewhere in my sleepy brain I know that it is, in fact, not really an elephant, but it does surprise me every. single. day.
I think that means I need more sleep, and that people in my neighborhood have too many motorcyles laying around.

anyway, the point of this post....

I have a really excellent little gig on Tuesday nights that starts at 7pm. This means that I have an hour to walk 20 blocks from work to the east 60's. Clearly not a difficult walk, and through a generally 'untraveled by me' part of town. So, last evening, I took my time strolling up Madison Ave, listening to Jason Mraz, and really looking around me. And then, I started snapping pictures. It was beautiful.

view up madison ave

"by appointment to the queen of hearts"

Nothing says perfect day like staring in the Cartier Bridal windows.

All the upscale shops close by 6pm, so it's basically tourist free - just people leaving work on the streets once you get passed 59th St. The walk is quiet and serene, and makes me really love New York - even for just a few minutes.

Of course, there's always this...



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