Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a peek inside.

So, many of you (Yes, I'm looking at you Eva!) have been demanding to see the inside of the joint. I don't think it's ready to post pictures for all of the internet to see (judge), but here are a few little "in progress" moments of projects that we've been working on.

Now, before I post anything, I need you to repeat after me:
I, [state your name], do solemnly swear to not judge the nest by the amount of shit laying around and/or the cat hair on the floor. I acknowledge that when I come to visit, the owlet will have worked hard to make sure it doesn't look like she and B just moved in... because they did... and they're crazy busy. And my nest is messier [I don't care if it's not just SAY IT!], and I think cat hair looks nice against the wood floor. Amen.

On with the show...

So our living room area is painted grey (Manhattan Mist by Behr). We thought that we should have a little brighter accent color to wake up the grey a little bit, so this little inset square became cream (some cream color, also by Behr)

ignore the gross dirt on the grey... we fixed that.

and with a little canvas painting from Papyrus (this isn't the style we have, but it's the only one on the website) and viola! a little accent square!

It's pretty high up there....
looks weird from this angle.

We had two Ikea wall shelves that looked something like this...

Except they have a small bracket for the wall, they don't float. A hold-over from former roommate S, this pretty blue is pretty, but doesn't work for our color scheme. So what's a girl to do? PAINT!

I make home improvements look good!

B can only handle a tiny brush ;)

working working working...

Three coats of the same cream (I really need to look up that paint color) from earlier and VOILA!
Shelves above the TV for photo frames. Just making sure they bear weight.

remember how you said you weren't going to judge?
Stop judging the kissing bears.

Last few little projects.
Ben turned this Ikea bookshelf into this fab TV stand...

we're still unpacking... shhhhhh!

And then we needed more space (because we have too much crap) and we used the same expedit line to make a little wall unit here:

It's organized chaos

So, that's all for now.
We're currently working on painting our bedroom. And by we, I mean, I was away all weekend and B painted. Maybe, if I can manage to clean the counters, I'll show you the rest of the joint.

Until then!


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