Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a visit with great-grandma and "have I always been cross eyed?"

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, my mom (who is visiting from Pennsylvania) and I took the Little Bird on an adventure! We drove two hours to southern NJ to meet my Nana, who will be 93 in August. It's not the longest road trip we've made with her, but it wasn't long enough for her to really settle in and sleep - too much stop and go traffic and not long enough to really nap. So, it was a very screamy trip, but well worth it so that my Nana could meet her 4th great-grandchild!

We snapped a few pictures of the oldest and the youngest member of our clan! (for now anyway, K and D are due to have their third little boy any day now!)

2 months and 92 years!
Both in fancy outfits.

I just can't deal with M's face here.
or her hair.

Me, the Little Bird, my Mom, and Nana
Also, my Uncle B photobombing in the background.

I need to know...
Have I always been cross eyed?
I don't think so. I feel like this is just a fluke.
But I'm definitely cross eyed here.

I also took the opportunity while in suburbia to stop at WalMart (keeping is classy, as always) and pick up a few sewing notions that I needed to start my next project! I'll be posting the progress of my project here, but it should be a good one. Here's a hint: It's a functional thing for baby!

The car trip back was a little better. M didn't scream as much, until we got about a mile from home in intense Brooklyn traffic - that is to say that there was a premium amount of honking and insane delivery bikes weaving between cars. I am not the most composed driver, in fact as soon as Little Bird can start mimicking language or repeating things that I say, I probably shouldn't be allowed to drive with her in the car, or her first words will have four letters.

We were both annoyed and tired, my mom seemed fine though.

In completely unrelated news, I have a lot of really great stuff coming up. I have a feature in a HUGE giveaway, I'm making some fun stuff for M, and we're working on our plans for summer. Exciting!

And now, a bonus for all of you that made it to the bottom of the page.

I'm so cool.

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Michelle said...

Jackie!! Her hair is killing me!! Aaaaahhhhh!! LOVE.

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