Monday, April 29, 2013

Dragon Bink Love or Why we love Paci-Plushies!

Holy new favorite thing, batman.

So, we have a love/hate relationship with pacifiers here in the nest. Little Bird loves to work on her binks, and I hate having to put them back into her mouth when they fall out and she immediately screams. I was having to rush back to her during naps (on the rare occasion that she takes one) and more often, stop working or eating every 60 seconds, and when one hasn't eaten for all day, those moments are sacred!

I had been pointed in the direction of Wubanubs by a friend in nursing clinic, but Little Bird doesn't really love the soothie pacifiers - she seems to prefer the shape of the Nuk brand - so it seemed ridiculous to invest in something that she wouldn't really enjoy, no matter how cute and functional.

Enter Nookums Paci-Plushies!

I stumbled on these guys completely by accident (Thank you, Amazon for playing matchmaker!) when I was looking for something completely unrelated, and was SO EXCITED when I saw that they were Nuk compatible, and even better than the pacifier could be removed to be sanitized. I paged through the website and settled on....

Dimples the Dragon!

Every single little cutie is adorable, however, we have a special nickname for Little Bird here at home that makes her having a dragon with her all the time pretty cute. I definitely also love the elephant though!

I promptly ordered, through Amazon since we have an AmazonMom account and live for the free shipping, and got the shipping confirmation email very shortly after. I was stoked that it would be here so quickly! It arrived two days after I ordered, which was awesome. I loved the packaging when it arrived also. Very very cute.

I opened it immediately, and found that poor Dimples was damaged!! Poor fellow looked like he had had his throat cut - shanked in plushie jail! I was disappointed and prepared to pack him back up and return him to Amazon, but something stopped me and told me that I needed to contact the company and let them know that there was a problem. So I did. I emailed them through Amazon, and they wrote me back within minutes. I sent photographs of the damaged item, and was told promptly that a replacement would be shipped out that day after a sincere apology (which I totally didn't need... I just wanted them to know that there was a quality control slip up. I would appreciate someone telling me that if it was my business!). Impressive! We received the replacement within two days, attached our favorite Nuk pacifier, and the love affair began!

We started calling it the "Dragon Bink", mostly just for ease of asking each other where it was. M loves to hold onto the legs and wings (which have two different textures, so she gets to do a little exploring.), and I love that her bink is held in place even if she spits it out and immediately wants it back - the dragon holds it right there for her to grab back into her mouth!

It's gone on many a trip in the car with us, and definitely keeps the bink from falling (being thrown) on the floor of the car or onto the floor at Target, and has definitely saved it from a toss to the ground when we are out for walks in the stroller.

It's so cute that we get comments all the time when we're out. I (literally) ran into a gal (with the shopping cart) in the baby section of Target, and she (stared daggers at me until she saw M and) started cooing over her and asked where I got "such a cute paci clip"! Apparently, she has the same problem as I with a bink tosser, so I told her the website, we both agreed it was a genius idea, and went our merry ways.

We absolutely love it. I even got a picture of it with the bink in her mouth! Little Bird moves very quickly when she wants to.

Thanks for an excellent product. WE LOVE IT!

Oh, and just to be clear, I wasn't paid for this review nor did I get anything for free - although I do love free things! - this is a completely honest and unsolicited review of something we couldn't live without!

It seems like naptime is over... the Little Bird is chirping!

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Indisposable Mama said...

They should pay you - I think you just earned them a sale. Those are absolutely adorable!! I think the lamb is my favorite, but I'm sure the white would get destroyed rather quickly. Think I might be ordering the dragon tonight :-)

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