Thursday, May 17, 2012

brooklyn charm(ing)

So, you know my Tuesday night gig? Well, I got called in to fill in for another sitter last night, and one of the little bits (the girl, K) asked me to help her find a french fry charm that she can buy for one of her friends birthdays. (Leads on french fry charms anyone? I have until Friday.) So, of course, I took to etsy to try to find her a local NYC shop to buy her charm!

I haven't had any luck finding the french fry charm yet, but I did make a great find that I can't let just stroll on by without saying anything. Run, don't walk, to Brooklyn Charm Shop.

Holy cow, you guys.  
Best. Shop. Ever.

I immediately went through their entire shop on etsy and fell in love. I then mapped out how I'm going to get to their physical location (on Bedford Ave at 9th Street in Williamsburg) from my apartment and when I'm actually going to have time to get there.

I was totally sad to see on their facebook page that I missed a FREE charm necklace event on Sunday. I was doing nothing on Sunday. I could've been in Williamsburg making a killer charm necklace. Bummer.

Anyway, here are a few things from their shop that I'm totally in love with...

I would totally get this with Pennsylvania [heart] New York

Custom Swarovski crystal rings
that you design yourself!
They give you guidelines, but the color at the number of stones
is totally up to you!


Dinosaw is apparently a HUGE piece of theirs, and I must admit that I'm totally obsessed. Here's what they say about Dinosaw on their shop: 

"This amazing, rambunctious little monster of a DINOSAW will saw your leg off, bite your head to bits, and scratch your eyes out. No, just kidding, he will just look really cute on you, and make for a great conversation piece at any party!"

Dinosaw even has his own facebook page. No joke. I effing LOVE that.

Here are a few more of my faves:

kitty cat charms! LOVE.

this gold gun bracelet reminds me of KS.
she'd LOVE this.

I used the censored pic, because this is a family show.
who am I kidding? So not a family show.

This is the perfect jewelry shop for me - coupling totally bizarre charms with beautiful crystals, and throwing in a well placed swear engraved on a locket. Seriously folks. Amazing.

Brooklyn Charm Shop's official website is here, but the etsy shop is where you'll fall in love. Take the plunge!

*I was not paid or given free jewels for writing this little love song. All my own opinions. Can't freaking wait to buy things and wear them everyday*

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His Little Lady said...

oohh, those swarovski crystal rings are gorgeous! my favorite!
xo TJ

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