Tuesday, May 29, 2012

go fly a kite

My father in law came to visit, briefly, Sunday and Monday. It was great to have him - he's such a strange (in a good way!) and eclectic guy that you inevitably learn something from him, even when you don't think you are.

He's been making and flying kites since forever. I know that that probably sounds very Charlie Brown to you, but the truth is, it takes understanding of tons of math and physics to be able to make and fly kites well. He can coax a kite into the air in any wind conditions... it's kind of amazing. He's had pictures in the newspapers in our hometown too - maybe that was a slow news day. But still, really cool stuff.

A little backstory is that my FIL grew up in Brooklyn, close by where we now live. He spent a lot of his childhood bounced around to foster homes (yet, his parents were still alive), and then went to boarding school. He was drafted by the army in 1963, served in California, and ultimately ended up coming back to New York. He never finished college, though he's one of the smartest people I've ever met. I think that, somehow, academic achievement meant very little to him because it wasn't a challenge. That's just my guess though.

The idea of flying kites off of our roof had been B's. He knew his dad wouldn't be able to resist. I personally hate going up on the roof. Serious and major fear of heights for this girl. I snapped this photo, and a few others before I had to hand the camera to B and go back inside.

Just looking at it makes my knees feel like liquid.

When presented with the flying kites from the roof notion, my FIL said thoughtfully, "It'll be the first Brooklyn flight since 1976..."(his sentences always sort of drift off, like he has another thought to back up the one before, but he's keeping the rest of it to himself.) So, without further ado... a flight 36 years in the making.

All kites are handmade with weird plastic things - like paper towel packaging and chinese take-out bags.

It took no time to get this baby in the air.

Thank you and have a nice day.


riana. said...

Haha that is too cool!! Your father-in-law sounds like such an interesting man.
I'd like to go fly a kite.... Up to the highest height (that song may be in my head all day)

gwen said...

I love that there was kite flying on your rooftop. It's a very happy thought. I love and miss you guys. Hope I get to fly a kite on that roof myself sometime soon.

Jackie said...

There will be much kite flying and celebrating the next time you're here. Maybe we can convince Ben's dad to teach us how to make our own and we can fly our own little wishes up! Sounds like an arts and crafts project we could make the most of <3

love and miss you, littlest one!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That sounds wonderful..I love kites :) x

Ben said...

Gwen, I will do you one better:
Let me know when you're coming up, and I'll ask my dad to make you a kite. Then you can fly YOUR kite from the roof :-)

Miss you, buddy!

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