Saturday, October 1, 2011

bluesy rain

Today was so stinking wet in NYC.

I'm being forced to work on a weekend, which is absolutely not my cup of tea, as I hate having to dodge eye-poking umbrellas all day. New Yorkers are demons with umbrellas. I feel like I need a hockey mask to walk down the street.

So do I, Snipes.

Tourists are also hilarious in the rain. It's not so unlike rain wherever they're from, I'm sure, but it seems to make them stupid and panicky. And then they poke me with their umbrellas! When the wind finally takes the lives of the umbrellas, out come the ponchos... and then I can't hold in my laughter any longer.

Anyway, in the wake of such a gross day, I've decided to share an oldie but goodie from a sunnier day.  Found stuck to a cement post in Bryant Park, this little gem made me laugh out loud...

So do I, Chicken.
I assume its a PETA ad, or vegan propaganda, but it the image just knocks me out.  I love this angry hen.

Here's to a sunnier fall!!!

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