Wednesday, October 12, 2011

vacation recovery

Why is it always so hard to come back to work after time off?

It doesn't seem fair, and doesn't really help the likelihood of one returning to work after a break. I admit, I have a problem with this. I am not the sunniest person when it comes to returning to work. In fact, I can be an absolute downer about it.

Can you blame me when sometimes it looks like this in here...

Hades Palace?
Nope... just my workplace.
At any rate... I'm baaaaack.

I took a ton of pictures while we were in Altoona, Pennsylvania (home of the horseshoe curve and most of my extended family) of things that made me giggle.  Here are a few highlights...

Keep on Survivin'
I loved this!!!!! The track list of the single best Destiny's Child album is fully intact, while the disc lays broken and scratched on the sidewalk in the least urban town in North America! Amazing. 

I think Meatloaf wrote a song about this...
I wish I could've gotten the angle where the sky was reflected in the broken mirror. It was gorgeous. I'm a failure at iPhone photography.

There is a joke in here somewhere, I know it.

And finally, the swan and the horsey traveling in their graffiti bathtub. It just doesn't get any better than this, folks.

I'm trying desperately to keep a positive attitude during this short week, but so far it's world-1, jac-0.

Lets all hope for a less rainy, nicer, less meeting filled tomorrow.

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