Saturday, October 15, 2011

weird... even by nyc standards

This morning, I got on the 2 to come to work, and these were the people in my train car.

Arlene from True Blood


A Klingon

I guess that means it's ComicCon again.

In my normal eavesdropping fashion, I left my shades on, put my earbuds in, kept my music off, stared at the weirdos and listened in on their conversation. Sadly, the Klingon couldn't speak klingon. I know this because Link asked, and then expressed his disappointment by jabbing the Klingon with his golden sword. Arlene was dressed in her Merlotte's tee, signature dyed red hair with bump, and black leather pants. As an avid True Blood fan, I think the leather pants were a poor choice. I don't think Arlene owns pants other than jeans, let alone leather pants. So not her style.

Additionally, while Link and the Klingon were talking about the days schedule and sounding like normal people, Arlene was speaking in her best southern accent, which was not very good, and staying in character the entire time. I applaud her dedication, or late morning drunkeness, but it was very weird.

The best part of the ride though, was when a big guy with a ComicCon badge (I don't know if he was staff or what) got on the train around 116th. He stood next to the door and tried to avoid eye contact with Arlene, Link, or the Klingon.  But Arlene smelled blood and started close talking him as soon as she saw his badge. I couldn't hear everything they were saying, sadly, but it was obvious that Arlene was flirting with him. Then he said the single best thing I have ever overheard in New York City.

"Sweetheart, I may be big, but I'm not stupid."

She looked defeated and headed back to Link and the Klingon. I had to bite the inside of my cheeks to not snicker. The Klingon told her she looked desperate, and I thought that was pretty rich coming from a guy with a rubber forehead, but I guess we all have our limits.

Happy ComicCon!

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