Monday, January 16, 2012

mlk meowwwwww

Happy MLK Day from the owlery.

Of course, this means that I'm off work today, so it's not technically a meowday! However, in the spirit of being consistent and writing on some type of schedule, a meowday you shall have.

Martin Luther King Jr was actually born on January 15... so Happy Belated to the man.

Comics, anyone?
This week, cat vs human brings the kitty funnies...

This always happens. It's super weird, but it also makes
me feel like my cats like me enough to groom me...
Which makes me feel special.
Don't judge.

My cats *also* act like this when they
have either seen or killed a mouse...

Which reminds me of a great story...

About 2 weeks ago, Ben, just having had a haircut, got hit in the face by falling bird poo from above. This is something that happens to Ben more than the average joe. In fact, I can recall at least three times that he's been pooped on - once, at the beach, with such velocity that I think he was actually bruised afterward. I laughed at his expense, of course, which I knew would come back and bite me later... but I had no idea how much...

So, the rest of the day was pretty normal. The cats were wilder than usual, like they'd found catnip (which I don't keep in the house) and eaten a 10 day supply, but they were funny and weird, which amused us. We settled in to bed, and Conrad was acting a little weird. He crawled up by our heads and, silently vomited the foulest smelling crud all over our pillows. Lovely. I thought that that was my karmic retribution for laughing at Ben earlier in the day, but after stripping the bed and putting sheets and pillows in the wash, I went to look for febreeze and natures miracle in the spare bedroom.

And I stepped on a dead mouse. Barefoot.

I screamed bloody murder.

Ben thought that Sookie (one of my cats) was beheaded and hanging by her tail from the skylight with her blood painting the walls by the way I screamed.

And then I knew, that was my karmic retribution for laughing at Ben being pooped on. But I made him pick up the mouse and take it to the trash.

Sorry Ben.

But that explains why Sookie and the Cheshire Cat were so wound up.

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