Thursday, January 12, 2012

The triumphant return!

The holiday season, and working retail during  it, really put a damper on my time and energy to write for you all and be creative. But I'm back! Someone hold me accountable for a few posts a week!

To make up for lost time...
Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

Happy New Year from NYC!
Here's to making 2012 really awesome and kicking ass in major ways.

Speaking of kicking ass, I need to shout out (which is a term I never use...) some mad props (ditto) to G for documenting her feelings and fears about being a 30 year old woman with breast cancer. She's going through her double mastectomy today, and my heart just aches for her. 

Even if you don't know her, have a look at her blog, my left tit, to sneak a peek into the purest and most open heart I have the pleasure of knowing.

The last glimpse of G's girls...
They're pretty, but we would rather have YOU.

In light of G's struggle, everything else seems mundane. My job gets progressively more awful as time passes, but I feel like there has to be an end to this in sight. There is something very exciting on the way for Ben and I, but I don't want to jinx it!

The critters in our care are slowly moving on to their new homes and fosters. We're not out of the woods with cats yet, but the dogs are on their way.

Please, someone make me keep writing!

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