Friday, June 8, 2012

friday letters.

Dear B, this may have been one of the best weeks ever. Thank you so much <3
Dear Life Suck, would it be possible to make my workday shorter and pay me more? That would be great.
Dear fellow subway riders, mind giving me a break and letting me have a seat once and awhile? I doubt that your office job makes you stand all day... and my job does! Please can I have a seat so I can start standing non-stop at 10 instead of 9??
Dear men on the subway, just because you have junk doesn't mean that you can sit with your legs spread  as wide as they'll go, thusly blocking all other people from sitting in the seats on either side of you. Seriously. I doubt you're packing SO MUCH that you have to sit like that. If you are, you have some lady should be carting you around in a limo instead of you taking the train.
Dear customers, no I will not haphazardly mark things down for you. I will get fired.
Dear tourists, I love you. I do. BUT you should have your own lane on the sidewalk. Stopping the flow of traffic ain't cool.
Dear ACC, can't wait to see you tomorrow! It's been too long.
Dear True Blood, I can't wait to see you Sunday. It's been too long.
Dear tourists, it's customary to use D.O. for your B.O. Just sayin'
Dear PB, when you use your porno phone voice to say things like, "there's an air conditioner in the building...", it makes me wonder what someone has just asked you.
Dear puppies, can't wait to snuggle you later. It's what I wait all day for.


Tere Ávila said...

nice post and photo honey, and great blog!


Anonymous said...

hey there!! new to your blog and OMG- LOOOVE it! i think i stumbled here from "you're my favorite today" and i am SOO glad i did. love it around here and cant wait to read more from ya!

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

Dear Jackie-

I'm obsessed with your blog design. I also can't wait for True Blood... perfect transition from the season finale of Mad Men. I'VE MISSED ERIC!!!!!

<3 Kristen

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