Monday, June 4, 2012

monday surprise!

Today is a pretty dreary day in the city. It's raining and gross, but on Saturday, I got a slip in the mailbox that I had a package waiting for me! So what did I do? I trudged a million miles (okay, 5 blocks) through the rain to retrieve it! And I was so stoked to see that it was from Krista at Saturated Canary!  I won her giveaway at The Wonder Forest, and look and see what she sent me!

In the mailer! With my keys and adorable elephant keychain
from when my pal KS was in Thailand, covering my address. 
Sorry stalkers.

Everything was packaged so beautifully!
I love the little details.

A handmade card Smashed by Krista! 

There was a little pocket inside of the card, 
with this sweet little tag inside!

I love that she included, not just the smash books, 
but supplies to get me started.
So generous!

Polka dots, pockets, and a list pad.

Okay, the most on point part of the entire thing is the kitty hole punch.
I mean, there is no one else in the world that would love a 
kitty hole punch more than I do.

And adorable paper, obviously.


Two gorgeous books, two closures
the kitty punch!

What an amazing and totally generous gift.
Thank you Krista!!!!!
I cannot wait to be 'smash'ing like you!


June Nelson said...

Wow how lucky are you, its just a dream come true this package, you enjoy everything and a card made by the queen herself!!! oooh im envious lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michelle said...

I just got Smash Journals for me and my girls to work on this summer - and we. cannot. wait. Love love them. (And why didn't I think of it?) Do you have a blog button I can put on my little blog??

saturated canary said...

aw, ENJOY!! Be sure to share your smash pages with us!!:)


Ashley Gault said...

Looks like a great package! Thanks for visiting The Latest Find and for your comment! Now following your site, hope you are having a great weekend! =)

lamtota said...
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lamtota said...
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lamtota said...

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