Monday, June 11, 2012

charm(ing) sunday

Happy Monday, dear ones.

 What's happy about Monday? Absolutely nothing, really. Worst day of the week. BUT, I have an adventure to share. Let's let that try to brighten up our return to corporate America, shall we?

 Remember when I raved about my new favorite etsy shop, Brooklyn Charm Shop? Well, I finally went!!!! It was last Sunday, but it took me a week to find the cable to hook my phone up to my laptop. As usual, I'm a disaster, but I'm so in love with the jewelry that came out of the trip. I guess it all balances out eventually.

The shop is tucked off of busy Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was easy to spot though, because the front is so bright!! The shop is small and quaint from the outside, but just you wait until you get inside.

It's so beautiful. The minute you step in, you're totally surrounded by metals, stones, and beautiful things. Walls of chains, tray after tray after tray of charms. I was so overwhelmed and in awe of the sheer numbers that I had to do two full laps before I could commit to any single item.

There was a center table full of charms, rings, necklaces, bracelets... anything and everything your heart could desire!

It was crowded when I was in there, at least 20 other women (B was the only male in sight!) picking through trays and creating treasures. Most of the price tags and signs were handwritten, and while I usually don't like that in a retail setting, I loved it here. Reason: It didn't feel like a retail shop at all. It felt like your grandmothers attic - a safe, warm cocoon full of treasures that it would take an entire afternoon to sort through, and you will enjoy every single minute.

The decor was perfect. When isn't a unicorn appropriate? Never. Unicorns are always appropriate.

And they artfully paired bunnies and skulls. This is my favorite place on earth.

Getting ready to check out... my tray with treasures!

They will put your creations together for you, which is an excellent perk. I chose a large floral pendant to start, and quickly added a pearl drop right on top! It took me awhile to finish it out. I first thought that  a small turquoise rose charm would be perfect, but then I found this tiny brass White Rabbit, and I was in love. He's just the touch it needed! Put everything on a 24" chain and voila!

I am obsessed. This perfect little charm necklace matches (practically) everything I own and I've worn it almost every day since I bought it.

My other amazing find was this cameo ring. It's my new signature. An olive green background highlights the cream grecian cameo that I can't get enough of. And it was only $12. Seriously. Ah-Mazing.

(Additonally, please excuse my hilarious and juvenile manicure. I was feeling whimsical last week.)

Also, big props to B for being my photographer, and taking me out to lunch after shopping.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this shop, and I fully intend to take advantage of the classes that they offer. For $40, you get a 90 minute class, all of your materials, loaner tools, and a skill to take with you. That's an absolute great deal. If you're local, you should check out the class schedule here, and let me know if you want to go to a Sunday class with me sometime. 

Oh, and I took this picture that will be the header for ANY Brooklyn post I ever write. So typical, Williamsburg. So typical. And so damn hipster. 

I love you, Brooklyn.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

That place looks amazing - love that unicorn, it's perfect. Glad you went and had fun :) x

riana. said...

That place looks awesome! I also always do two laps before deciding what I want anywhere haha.

Eline S. said...

Wow! I would love to visit that cute shop too! Your cameo ring looks nice! :)

Adeola Naomi said...

Beautiful!!! '
Your blog is great , am so glad I came by it !
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