Thursday, June 7, 2012

sassy chicago shenanigans

I have such a special treat for you guys today.

Taylor, the sassy brain behind The Daily Tay, is here to visit with us today and share some of her incomparable insights.

I think this girl is adorable and hilarious. A lethal combination. I also charmed her by using the word "lady balls" in our very first conversation. Clearly, we are a match made in heaven.

Without further ado...

Happy Thursday Perched Readers!
My name is Taylor
and I blog over at The Daily Tay

My blog usually revolves around the random
shenanigans I often find myself getting into here in Chicago.
I also like to talk about my lovely pup, Harlow,
and my lovely boyfriend, Chris.

I tend to be a little bit sarcastic, 
and sometimes a little too cynical-
just depends on if I found a close parking spot for the day or not.
I also like to ramble about the hardships of life after college.
I've been out of school almost three years now and still can't shake the fact
I have to "grow up"and be a part of the "real world."

It doesn't help that the eleven year old version of myself
was extremely driven and competitive
and seemed to have very high (yet unrealistic goals I think)
for twenty five year old me.

Here's a little something I found in the archives I wrote
from 1998 entitled 
"What I Will Do When I Grow Up"

I for one, can’t think of a better time in life to make a goal list than in middle school. The year in life when we are probably the most arrogant, naive, self absorbed forms of ourselves we will ever be.  Let’s see what my overly optimistic eleven year old-self had envisioned…

1. Compete in marathons. – I ran a 5K a couple of years ago, does that count? And marathons are overrated, I heard they make people who aren’t even pregnant go into labor.

2. Have a really cool job that I love where I get to travel and be my own boss. –A little more direction would be nice, dip shit. What will I be doing at this “really cool job?” Let me guess, writing notes all day that are covered in Lisa Frank stickers and then folding them up into really tight little triangle shapes.

3. Live in California or New York. – Ridiculous. Folding notes would never pay enough to live in either of these citites.

4. Live in a cool house that I own. – Makes statement 3 even more ridiculous. Or are you trying to tell me you predicted the low rate homes would be selling at in 2012? You have no concept for money, none. I can barely pay my rent every month, ease off.

5. Go on vacations to Africa and London. – This is a little broad. So you want to go to a city in England, and then visit the entire continent of Africa?

6. Play basketball every day. – Yes well, this one will go out the window right after high school when your heart was broken because your team never made it to state.

7. Be married and maybe have one kid. – Let’s work on getting a boyfriend first, little one. You’re going to go through a pretty intense ugly stage in about six months. And the fact you play basketball everyday doesn’t help any.

8. Do a triathlon- What’s with all the not-so subtle workout hints?

9. Have one dog and one cat.- Starting to get a little more realistic, I like this. I must be getting tired from all of my traveling and exercising.

10. Have a lot money so I can buy whatever I want. –I’m sure what I had in mind was being able to buy unlimited packs of gum because in middle school gum was currency.

I’m glad the list stopped at ten. 
I’d hate to see what other demands that little dictator had in store for me…Maybe I do need to get my life in check. Especially if I plan to get to Africa in the next six months.

Now come on over and say hello!
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Amazeballs, Taylor. If I had written myself a "get it done by 21" list when I was 11, it probably would've included become a professional ballet dancer and/or a doctor, and have a rad life of celebrity.

You can't win em all, I guess.

Thank you so much for joining us today, Taylor! It was a blast!!!! Everyone go and give her some love!


Michelle said...

Love that list Taylor! In middle school, I wanted to be a fashion designer. The fact that I couldn't (and still can't) sew a button on straight and may or may not have once "hemmed" Husband's pants with a stapler should tell you how that dream panned out.
Have a nice day, girls! :)

The Lisa said...

I laughed so hard at the Lisa Frank bit I almost choked on my sad ramen noodle dinner. . .

Shane said...

So glad I came across your blog from the hilarious Tay. Lovin it :)

xo Shane

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