Thursday, June 14, 2012

if your closet looks anything like mine...

you need this.

I'm pretty stoked to share a guest post with you today! My very sweet and very supportive friend Lena from Mom2MemphisAndRuby is here to share a little Type A action with us. I so desperately need some help in this department.

I wonder if I can get her to come to Brooklyn...
Hey lovelies!
Lena here from Mom2MemphisAndRuby!
Jackie and I have become good bloggy buddies over the past few weeks and I ADORE her! I'm extremely tickled to be visiting Perched today!

So, for those that don't know me... I'm a mom of 2 blogging from a small farming community in Quebec, Canada.  The hubs and I are tattooed (he's more heavily tattooed that me), and even though we don't necessarily ''blend'' in around here, we certainly feel like this is where we belong.  I work a pretty boring day job at an insurance company, and he is a chef.  Our son Memphis was recently diagnosed as autistic (very high functioning, I must say, but a new journey we're embarking on as a family)... and our 4 year old daughter Ruby is very much a diva! They keep us on our toes and pretty much rock our world!

Another thing you should know about me is how much I love fashion. I believe a girl can NEVER have enough clothes or shoes... I know, I know. I sound terribly materialistic, but bear with me... I'm cheap!  I LOVE thrifting and NEVER, ever pay full price for ANYTHING!  See, not so bad, right?  But all these clothes need to be put away somewhere... Luckily, I aboslutely LOVE reorganizing my closet, and it just so happens I'm about to pull out my summer clothes (it's finally warm here! yay!).  I thought I could do a simple tutorial on closet organization.  I have LOTS of stuff... very little space!

Ugh. What a mess, right? 

First things first: Always go through and, if you can, put away clothes that are no longer appropriate for the season. 

You don't need 12 sweaters at hand in the summer. Get those out of there.

While you're in there, if you can't remember wearing something for the past 6-12 months... get rid of that too.  Unless it holds some sort of sentimental value, you probably don't need it anymore.  If it's still in good shape {and depending what it is}, why not donate it or sell it on Ebay!?

Now, comes the actually sorting and organization. 
There are a ton of ways you can do this:
Style, Color, Brand, etc.

I've decided to do style & color. 
 Similar tops together, slips, skirts, dresses, pants...

I have a lot of pattern in my closet... so I use the "main" color as my starting point...
It's not going to be perfect!
{dang it!}

This is was the "top" section looks like now...

Next, I made sure to hang all my slips together, and my denim skirts as well. 

 As for dresses, I debated about going simply by style & length... but then decided to to it color too.  As best I could... again, I have a lot of pattern so my closet will never look as color-blocked as I would like 

{yes, I'm sorta geeky that way... BUT I love a good pattern too, so what's a girl to do!?}

I keep my jeans on the top shelf, so I just tidied those up a bit...

If you have a ton of denim, I would suggest going by fit & color too... 

That's it.
Much better than when I started, and ready for me to fill it up even more with my summer stuff!!

That was pretty impressive. I feel that I must learn from you, wise one.
Thank you so much for visiting with us today, Lena, and teaching us your ways. I'm sure we'll all learn from this. Now there's the issue of my closet, which looks like a bomb went off in there. Lena... how's a free trip to Brooklyn sound??

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